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Utah War

The Utah War - Spring Creek Station

"Citizens of Utah - We are invaded by a Hostile Force!"

In the late 1850's, disagreements became more frequent between federal officials and Mormons over how the Utah territory would be administered. Tensions became so great that U.S. President Buchanan dispatched 2,500 U.S. Army troops to suppress a reported "Mormon Rebellion." Brigham Young declared martial law: and directed the Mormon Militia to fortify strategic sites between Fort Bridger, Wyoming, and Salt Lake City, Utah. Negotiations during the spring of 1858 defused the crisis, and on Thursday June 24, 1858, "Johnston's Army" passed this way over Hogsback Summit and entered the Salt Lake Valley unopposed.

The Utah War

A picture of marker - The Utah War

Spring Creek Station

During the bitter winter of 1857-58, Spring Creek Station forwarded supplies to 2,000 Mormon Militia who were constructing defensive fortifications in Echo and East Canyons for the impending "Utah War." Food, clothing, blankets, tents, weapons, and ammunition were dispensed from this commissary site. On October 1, 1857, station commander Colonel Jesse C. Little wrote, "We keep our camp open and a lot of coffee for express (riders) night and day."

Spring Creek Station Area

A picture of Spring Creek Station area

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